A Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin Mobile Wallets! (How To Set Up your 1st Bitcoin Mobile Wallet)

If you ever want to spend or send your Bitcoin (BTC) in person at a store or to a friend then a mobile wallet is definitely the way to go. These are much easier than pulling out your… source

How To Store Cardano (ADA) On Ledger Nano S

Yoroi is a Light Wallet for Cardano Secure Fast Simple https://yoroi-wallet.com/#/ We are an open-source client-side interface for direct interaction with the Cardano… source

ELLIPAL Update 2.0 Hardware Wallet to Latest Version

Version 2.0 includes: We added a few more enhancements to prevent some potential threats, in particular, the supply chain attack on hardware modification and changing. NOTE: As this attacks is… source

Update ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet to Latest Version

ELLIPAL operates offline, eliminating the potential for network attacks. User can store their private key in the cold wallet by importing or creating it. The private key will never touch the… source

Best crypto hardware wallet 2019

ELLIPAL Hardware Wallet is completely isolated from all physical and network connections. This means ELLIPAL cannot be connected to any devices or to any networks, completely protecting it from… source

Ledger Nano Live

Install Ledger Live Update Firmware to 1.4.2 Ledger nano! out of space, how to deal with… source

Trezor one firmware update 1.6.3

A new firmware update for Trezor One devices, containing, among other improvements, a security update, expanding the application of the update released in firmware 1.6.1. The security patch fixes… source

Updates in Trezor One firmware 1.6.2

Details about the security updates in Trezor One firmware 1.6.2 On June 25th, we released a firmware update for Trezor One devices, bringing new features and adapting the device to the structural… source

Protect your files with data cryptography

Are you GDPR ready? The Integral Crypto FIPS 140-2 Encrypted USB Flash Drive offers the data security of military grade 256-bit hardware encryption and tamper-proof circuitry as well as the… source

Litecoin Update & Chat

Let’s chat for a few I do not take donations, but if you’d like to support the channel, go buy some gear! – http://CryptoCapitalVenture.com Wallet I Recommend … source


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WHERE DID MY IOTA GO? Using Wallet Version 2.5.0!

UPDATE: You need go to Edit Node Configuration and change “Min Weight Magnitude” to 14 The IOTA team JUST came out with a new wallet, version 2.5.0, in conjunction with other updates that they… source