Trading cryptocurrency with leverage: margin trading

While crypto trading might be cool and risky at the same time, it could get even cooler (but riskier too!) with margin trading. Using cryptocurrency, traders can margin trade by adding leverage to their investment, i.e. borrowing money against their available funds to increase their buying power (although you may have to pay interest on […]

Pros and cons of paid cryptocurrency signals

Getting into cryptocurrency trading is no easy feat. There is a lot that traders have to keep up with such as market analysis, trading strategies, trading psychology and so on. Possession of the required knowledge still does not guarantee a 100% successful trading at all times. Instead of going through all that hassle, investors and […]

The most unusual things You can buy with Bitcoin

Advantages of the Bitcoin over traditional currencies If you are someone who is constantly looking up the latest trends on cryptocurrency, you will realise that there is an increased interest among merchants to accept Bitcoin as payment option in their online and retail stores. Regardless of the heavy volatility which apparently at the moment makes […]

Reddit as a Major Source for Cryptocurrency Information

Reddit – the internet’s front page The search engine giant Google has no content of its own, yet it’s hailed as the ‘knowledge guru’ of the world. Well, we have a new claimant, quite different from Google, but having a better claim over the title of ‘Knowledge Guru.’ Of course, we are talking about Reddit. […]

Paying with cryptocurrency credit card on daily basis

What are cryptocurrency credit cards? The first thing we would talk about is what these cryptocurrency credit cards are. A cryptocurrency credit card is like your everyday credit card only that it pays in either your bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrency. This means that it works by enabling you to store your cryptocurrency on them. There […]

Tips to avoid misleading cryptocurrency information on social media

Regardless of the protection of decentralization in cryptocurrency, Scammers and Hackers are still able to dive into the pocket of consumers and thereby putting them at high risk of losing their money. One of the worst places these difficulties and dissemination of false information about Cryptocurrency occur is on social media platform, most especially Facebook. […]

How can single tweet influence on cryptocurrency price

The first point of communication when Bitcoin and blockchain technology emerged among the communities or groups were generally mailing lists, IRCs, and forums like These are discussion forums, and one can also expect any information about an update or a development to be posted there. Apart from, the P2P Foundation and Linux Foundation […]
Cryptocurrency shilling – YouTubers or Twitterati_

Cryptocurrency shilling – YouTubers or Twitterati?

Shilling cryptocurrencies have been around for a while, and various forms of social media are being used to shill currencies, tokens, assets etc. Popular methods include using Twitter, Facebook and in recent times, YouTube. While at times it may seem to get a bit out of hand, taking pointers cleverly can undoubtedly make a trader […]

Vaultoro Exchange: Do We Need a Bitcoin-to-Gold Exchange?

The Cryptocurrency market is starting to turn heads in almost all global financial circles, with regular news surfacing about Bitcoin’s integration to a number of industries. On May 4th, it was reported that Vaultoro, a reputed name in the Gold exchange industry, was about to integrate Bitcoin’s Lightning Network as part of their “Crypto-to-Physical Gold […]